One moment of clarity,

Engraved in my memory,

Two paths unfurled before me,

Who will I be?

The girl I am now,

So young and carefree?

Living the life,

Or so it seems.

Inside I am empty,

Despite how hard I try,

With temporary joys!

To fill the void.

In this moment I see clearly,

Fun and laughter,

Sun and Sand,

Exotic indulgences,

Wealth, career plans

But my breast is heavy,

My purpose unknown,

Deep down inside,

I still feel alone.

In the same moment I see,

Hard work and struggles,

The glitter is gone,

Steady and settled,

Less of the fun.

But more of the meaning,

My mind is still

The hole in my life,

It has been filled.

I am mother and wife,

Steady and strong,

I have a family where I belong.

The ummah is with me and me with them,

As I worship Allah,

I am a Muslim.

My chest is light,

My burdens are lifted,

My soul satisfied.

My priorities shifted.

No need to please others.

Only Allah.

In this is the best reward by far.

Thats what I saw, in front of my eyes, so real, so clear.

A fork in the road,

I chose the way which lightened my load.

And when I feel down,

Lost or confused,

I remember that moment,

I’m sharing with you.


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