Myth busters

1)!Why is the man in western clothes and forced his wife to wear that?
Don’t get it twisted. No ones forced anyone to do anything, he wears that because he chooses to, and she does because she chooses to. She could of course try and force him to wear a thobe, but that would be an oppression, and since it is a free country, he can wear what he likes.
And in all probability, she is wearing western clothes. Just because you can’t see them, doesn’t mean they aren’t there. She just don’t wanna show you, that’s all!
2)  its 30 degrees outside, aren’t you hot?
Erm, well aren’t you? Of course I am hot, but the sun is not scorching my skin, and my abayah is very thin, and breathable, and every little breeze catches and circulates inside my abayah, I am a portable air conditioning unit.
3) poor little girls being forced to wear floor length dresses and headscarves, while the boys wear shorts, how can they jump and climb?
All little girls like to copy the grown up woman. Or do you think Muslim girls are some how different and they don’t? The same way non Muslim girls copy fashions and style of their mothers, so do Muslims. They don’t want to go outside wearing shorts. And as you will see abayah doesn’t stop muslimahs windsurfing and quad biking etc, so why would a long dress stop a girl climbing trees? Haven’t you seen narnia and what Susan and Lucy manage to do in long dresses? The female companions of the prophet sas also fought wars better then then men sometimes in long dresses, and we can’t climb trees. Really?
Just to make it clear it is not a requirement in Islam for young girls to wear hijab 🙂
4) you can’t communicate with someone if you can’t see their face.
Of course over the last hundred years there have been no developments in communication that don’t rely on viewing each others faces. There are no modern popular methods, in use by most people multiple times a day that don’t rely on perceiving facial expressions and body language. The telephone, emails, letters, forums, and blogs, social networking are ineffective methods of communication. How can anyone understand someone without seeing their face?
5) covered woman can not integrate in to society.
This statement is what makes and forces us to be separate. By virtue of living here, being born and raised here, having kids here, studying and working here, accessing services here we are an intrinsic part of the society. How can we not be? I didn’t realise I wasnt and had to somehow prove myself to be part of the society that I never questioned belonging to, until I started seeing others questioning my role and belonging. Thank you for pointing it out to me. I now see myself as separate. Self fulfilling prophecy much?
But seriously, my daughters reception teacher wears abayah, her speech and language therapist wears abayah, lots of the nursery nurses wear abayah, as does the pharmacist, doctors receptionist, dinner lady, childminder,  chair of the PTA, chair of the children’s centre governing committe (that would be me), children’s centre manager, I could go on and on but I would probably bore you. So really where is the barrier? With us? Or with others who view us as different and unable?
6) niqaab makes women invisible. Faceless and voiceless.
No it doesn’t, you can still see them and hear them. we have a voice and an opinion. Why would covering our face stop us having an opinion? Are we not sharing our opinions now? I don’t get it. We still have faces too. We still interact.
Alisha ra one of the wife’s of the prophet, she wore niqaab, and her voice is preserved in thousands of ahadith, Muslim men and women study and memorise these Hadith. Many laws in Islam come from these. So was she invisible?
This is just one example.
If you feel a woman is voiceless and faceless because she wears niqaab, that is your own prejudice.
7) Muslim women are culturally brainwashed.
Apart from the Muslim women who don’t come from “Muslim” cultures who traditionally wear hijab? Those who have to go against the wishes or preferences of their Muslim or non Muslim families to wear hijab or niqaab? Those women in Muslim majority countries such as turkey or Tunisia who are/were legally discouraged from wearing hijab?
And how is it decided that we are culturally brainwashed but a western woman isn’t? Someone living in and surrounded by a culture every day of their lives, but choosing to do something different is culturally brainwashed? Surely if they were culturally brainwashed they would be following the cultures they live in rather than not?
8) hijab is women taking responsibility for men’s sexuality, and denying their own.
Actually it is the opposite. Women taking responsibility for their own sexuality. We know we are sexy, we are gorgeous, we are not pretending we are not. By wearing abayah we are accepting that we are and that we only wish to share that with our husbands. Our confidence doesn’t come from the approving gaze of others.  We dress down outside and dress up at home. Make an effort for our husbands and not for random people on road. Not because we are forced to, but because like any woman we enjoy dressing up and getting attention, as long as it from the right person!
Also wearing abayah does not resolve the man of responsibility for their own actions. They are still commanded to lower their gaze.  they are still cm,Andes to control themselves. If a woman is not covered doesn’t mean they can look. But just as the men make it easy for women not to perv by not showing off their awesome six packs in public, the women make it easy for men not to perv. If a Muslim man was wearing tight jeans and sheer shirt that showed his shape etc, it would be the same as a Muslim woman wearing tight jeans. As in they are both not acceptable in Islam.
9)wearing niqaab makes a woman loose her ideniity.
It strengthens her identity as a Muslim woman. It strenghtens the concept that her identity that is not about how well she does her make up, or what season her clothes are, or how good and appealing she looks, how many wrinkles she has etc but her identity is more than that. It is her soul, and her mind.
10) if you don’t like the customs of the country go back to your own country.
This is our country. Most of us have no where to go back to. Muslim lands wouldn’t welcome us with open arms. Why would we leave our homes and families, instead of working on the understanding of community where we are living. Plus relocation costs money,

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